June 2, 2020


Have a great Tuesday and don’t forget to drink your high quality H2O today!
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1.) 10 minute EMOM
Odd: 10 Push Press 115/85lb
Even: 1 Deficit Strict HSPU
Note: you choose plate height/depth
2.) EPS
100 Thrusters 75/55lb
Every time you set the bar down on the ground complete 20 Deadlift 75/55lb
*3.) 5 rounds
20m Yoke Carry 45/25
5 Sandbag over Yoke 150/100lb
*4.) Every 3 minutes 1 Clean -> 1 Hang Clean & Jerk @ 75% for 6 rounds
*5.) 20 minute AMRAP
10 One legged KB Deadlift each leg 32/16lb
10 Back Extension
10 Hip Extension
10 Supinated Grip Bent Over Row 95/65lb
note: 4- 5 rounds is the goal

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