June 28, 2020

Second Chance

Bi-annual Beer Mile is a coming in less than a week! This Saturday, High Noon at the Soletski Residence the greatest sporting event to all mankind will be going down. Males 12oz Budweiser and Females 8oz Budweiser Rx. If you don’t want to drink Budweiser you can choose the drink [...]
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1.) Second Chance
Row 1000m for time
rest 5 min
KB Swings 2/1.5 pood
Wallball Shots 20/14lb
rest 5 min
Row 500m for time
2.) 7 min. alternating every 30 sec. Hollow Rock & Superman. Do holds if unable to rock.
3.) 3 rounds, not for time
15 Reverse Hyper
10 Dumbbell Bent Over Row
15 Back Extension


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