September 14, 2020

Too Deep

Hope your weekend was a good one. Annnnnd it’s Monday again, let’s make the most of it! Hey Monday.
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1.) EMOM for 7 minutes
1 Rope Climb (to the knot)
Note: add 1 rope climb per round, drop back to 1 if unable to finish within the minute.
2.) Too Deep
Muscle Ups
25m Shuttle Runs
Clean 225/155lb
*3.) 21-15-9-15-21
Assault Bike
Hand Release Push-ups
*4.) 1.) EMOM for 10 minutes
Odd: 1 Power Snatch -> 1 Snatch High Pull from Hang -> 1 Power Snatch @ approx 60-70%ish
Even: 12 Toes to Bar
*5.) 20 minute AMRAP
30 Second Plank
30 Abmat Sit-ups

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