January 12, 2021

GOKU (KAKAROT) (Retest 1/6/2019)

Another amazing addition from the DBZ Saga of programming from early 2019.  Don’t follow the directions at the end of the workout. Or do.
View the Workout See the Whiteboard

Row 250m
10 Muscle Ups
1 Front Squat 255/185lb (from the ground)
Row 250m
8 Muscle Ups
2 Front Squat
Row 250m
6 Muscle Ups
3 Front Squat
Row 250m
4 Muscle Ups
4 Front Squat
Row 250m
2 Muscle Ups
5 Front Squat

Accessory Work:
Bench Press (Strength): 90% – 8×3 (E3min)

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