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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Even Ground

2019 Online Qualifier for our two qualifying masters begins this Thursday evening. Tom “I’m business but like to party” Fameree and Chuck “How many muscles do you have” Brehm are set to throw down with the best 200 men in the world within their given age groups. Tom finished 9th in the world at the 2018 CrossFit Games and Chuck is still chasing that ticket to get his opportunity on the games floor. If you see either of them at the gym give them the eyeball and tell em you’re coming for them and/or just wish them great ass kicking! Ha. After todays workout give your bodies some care maybe hit up T’s yoga this afternoon at 4:15am, RomWod, or just random acts of mobility on parts that need it. Oh and do it every day until the show begins Friday as it’s going to be a very fun but challenging week as we prepare for the Qualifier. Friday night lights anyone?!? 
The workout today is going to test you mentally, a lot, hope you all ate a fine meal, drank a f ton of water and slept well before walking in the CFGB doors this morning.
Happy Sunday!
Yoga at 4!! 😊
Theresa Rosenquist 4:30AM on Mar 8, 2020
1.) Even Ground
For time:
  80 20″ Dumbbell Box Step Ups 35/25lb, one db in front rack and one db hanging by side
  4,000/3000-meter row
Time cap: 30 minutes
note: male and female step up to same height, males row 4k females 3k
*2.) 10-8-6-4-2
Strict Press @ 50%
30 second Overhead hold
Strict Ring Dips 
note: get low in those dips and use a band if needed
*3.) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
15 Hip Extension

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Erin Briggs
Pauly VanderKelen
Rest Day
Studied for Physics 2: Exam 1 / Food Prep / Walk around the block with Laura :)
Theresa Rosenquist
Biked 22 miles
A bit chilly (38•) & windy!! (15 mph SSW) 💨🥶 But hey, roughed it out!! 😃👊🤩. Yoga @ 4!!