November 22, 2023

Rhinoceros, Black

Thanksgiving weekend holiday hours: Thursday (Thanksgiving) – Both gyms closed Friday – West side closed. East gym rolling schedule 8am-Noon for Traditional Clovis workout: Run 10 miles + 150 Burpee Pullups Saturday & Sunday – Regular schedule
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7 Rounds
:20 Hollow Hold
:20 Superman Hold

For Time
Toes To Bar
Deficit Handstand Push-Ups 3/1.5”
-After each round complete 100 Double Unders
-Scale DU 1:1 with SU
-2 min cap per set of jump roping
-Scale HSPU to something you can do sets of 5+ each time
-30 min cap

Accessory Work:
3 Rounds for Quality
Max Effort Wall Sit
10R/10L Single Leg Bulgarian Split Squat with DBs

3 min trap smash per side
2 min tricep smash per side
3 min lat smash per side
3 min calf smash per side

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