About Us

Green Bay Strength and Conditioning is the parent company behind two of Green Bay’s top gyms: CrossFit Green Bay and CrossFit Green Bay West.

CrossFit Green Bay, the original CrossFit gym in the Bay Area, opened in 2010 and has been offering top-tier fitness training for well over a decade. Steady growth and commitment to safely helping athletes become their best selves has allowed us to grow into a two location business to serve both sides of Green Bay.

Our East side location is found at 1110 Kepler Drive Suite 101 next to Caribou Coffee, and our West side location is found next to Broadway Chevy at 2600 S. Ashland Ave!

Although we’ve grown, our values remain the same. Check us out and see why we’re the best choice for your fitness!

Green Bay Strength and Conditioning: Potential Unlocked!