If there’s one specific reason to join our community, it’s the coaches. With over 50 combined years of coaching in the fitness industry, as well as numerous certifications, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

From specialties in Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Yoga, CrossFit Games/Regionals competition, and Physical Therapy, our coaches can help you better yourself and get you to the level of fitness you desire!

Justin Peterson
Certifications: -Level 2 CrossFit Training Certification -USAW L1 -CrossFit Mobility Certification -Certified CrossFit Judge
CrossFitting since: 2011
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Favorite WOD: Moderate weight snatch and clean WODs and WODs with a lot of gymnastics.
Cody Stelmach
Owner, Coach
Certifications: -CrossFit Level 2 Training Certification -NASM Certified Personal Trainer -NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist -NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist
CrossFitting since: 2018
Hometown: Denmark, WI
Favorite WOD: Any workout that I can beat Justin in.
James Mueller
Certifications: - Level 1 CrossFit Training Certification - USAW Sports Performance Level 1 Certification
CrossFitting since: 2015
Hometown: Chilton, WI
Favorite WOD: Anything with a barbell
Theresa Rosenquist
Coach, Yoga Instructor
Certifications: -Level 1 CrossFit Training Certification -CrossFit Barbell Certification -CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification -Masters in Exercise Science from Georgia State University
CrossFitting since: 2008
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Favorite WOD: Chippers
Mike Cegelski
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Training Certification
CrossFitting since: 2019
Hometown: Green Bay/Verona, WI
Favorite WOD: Chippers, or anything with Tha Boyz
Ashley Engeldinger
Certifications: - Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences with an Exercise Science Emphasis - Level 2 CrossFit - USAW Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach - CrossFit Kids - CrossFit Mobility - CrossFit Judge
CrossFitting since: 2013
Hometown: Mishicot, WI
Favorite WOD: Murph and Grace
Christian Stueber
Certifications: - Level 2 CrossFit Training Certification -USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 1 -CrossFit Endurance Coach -CrossFit Scaling Course
CrossFitting since: 2013
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Favorite WOD: Chippers
Kim Davister
Certifications: CF L1 CPR And ACLS
CrossFitting since: 2018
Hometown: Luxemburg, WI (Burbank, CA honorable mention)
Favorite WOD: the ugly ones where you question your life choices and learn a lot about yourself
Grant Soletski
Certifications: -Level 1 CrossFit Training Certification -CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification -CrossFit Mobility Certification -CrossFit Kids Certification
CrossFitting since: 2009
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Favorite WOD: WODs with large amounts of OLY lifts using a moderate amount of weight.
Betsy Soletski
Certifications: -Level 1 CrossFit Training Certification -CrossFit Kids Certification -Certified CrossFit Judge
CrossFitting since: 2010
Hometown: Hampton/Dover NH; DePere, WI
Favorite WOD: Hero WOD’s typically give me the biggest sense of pride when completed
Ashley Peterson
Certifications: -Level 2 CrossFit Training Certification -Certified Strength and Conditional Specialist -Doctorate of Physical Therapy
CrossFitting since: 2009
Hometown: Seymour, WI
Favorite WOD: Chippers

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