July 15, 2020


You ever wonder if the fear of failure is actually just a fear of going through the pain of reaching success? And now Ladies and Gentlemen, Wednesday.
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1.) EMOM for 8 minutes 3 Position Clean+1 Jerk (HH,H,F), heavier than prior if completed without fails.
Note: Do not drop bar during complex
2.) Urned
15 minute AMRAP
100’ Walking Lung
50’ Handstand Walk
Note: Scale handstand walk with 5 wall walks
Extra credit:
1.) 5 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
20 Sledghammer Swings
10 Barbell Good Morning 75/55lb
2.) 5 rounds
ME Deficit HSPU 2×45/45lb Bumper Plate
ME Strict Pull-ups
Rest 90 seconds
Note: No resting in the basement, locked out is acceptable. NO RESTING ON YOUR NOGGIN.
3.) 3 x 10 UB Back Squat, every 2 minutes. Heavier than prior
UB means no resting on top.


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