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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Murkey Water

The Community Free Workout is back yet again on this beautiful Saturday Wisconsin morning! Please come out and get your Saturday started in healthy fashion. We workout for abs, to get toned but do you know what the real reason the majority of us workout at CFGB is? It’s to live and live well. Come and start your living this morning.
Youth Athletic Summer Program with Mr. Chuck Brehm kicks off this Monday and there is still time to get your teen (11-17) signed up for this 8 week program. Click on the News/Events tab above to read more about it.
Have a lively Saturday!

1.) EMOM for 8 minutes 2 Clean+1 Jerk, Touch and go, NO PAUSE
Note: heavier than last week
2.) Murky Water
100 Barbell front rack Lunge 135/95lb
Run 100m every time bar is set on ground
Extra credit:
1.) 50 Back Extensions
Note: Slow and precise.
2.) 5 rounds
10 Handstand Pushups
5 Bar Muscle Ups
Note: rest as needed
3.) 50 Perfect Snatch, 45/35lb


July 11
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