November 19, 2020


A solid foundation will weather all. Have a great Thursday!
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1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes complete Snatch complex:
Floor to Hang, pause
Floor Snatch High Pull
Floor Snatch
2.) Behind
10 rounds
1 Rope Climb
10 Single Arm Alternating Dumbbell Jerk 50/35lb
10/7 cal Assault Bike
3.) 5 rounds
5 Single Arm Dumbbell Bent Over Row R/L, heavy
10 Reverse Hyper
Session 2:
– 3 rounds
100 Double Unders
3 Split Jerks
Note: work up to heavy triple, complete all reps before dropping to blocks
– 10 minute EMOM
Odd: 10 Handstand Push-ups
Even: 5 Bar Muscle Ups
– RomWOD

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