September 16, 2021


This week you will start seeing large amounts of mats and equipment being transferred over to the new location on Ramada Way. If you’d like to help in any way, you could throw a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, wallball etc in your car and drop them off at the [...]
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35 min AMRAP
20 Hang Squat Snatch 115/85lbs
20 Deficit Handstand Pushups 2×45/1x45lb plate
20 Front Rack Lunges 115/85lbs
Run an object to the new gym (Dumbbell/Kettlebell/Wallball/Slamball)

Accessory Work:
4 rounds
100ft Yoke Carry (1-45s/1-25s)
4 ring MU
100ft sandbag carry
*10 min time cap

Lacrosse ball teres major/upper lat area) for 2 min on side. Move arm thru full range of motion. Do against the wall

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