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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Wolf Tail

Message from Tim regarding this morning's schedule:

Hello everyone!
There won’t be a team WOD tomorrow, but we will be having Sunday morning class at 8:15!!! I plan on coming in for 7 to open up for some Open Gym time if anyone wishes to partake, and will keep the gym open until 10:15 or so, after class for anyone who wants to spend time on extra credit, or come in once class is over.
Referencing Justin’s video on this page, we have a specially designated area for those who wish to wear a mask while they are in the gym. Please use the back entrance near the green dumpster if and only if you will be working out back there. As Grant has stated, we will be maintaining our 6’ social distance, wiping down everything BEFORE AND AFTER we use it, and staying home if we feel sick, have symptoms, etc etc. There will be plenty of space, and if we have to go in heats or modify, we will do so to maintain all our safety.
Looking forward to seeing your smiling (or masked!!) faces at a minimum of 6’ away tomorrow!
Feel free to message Justin, Grant, or myself if you have any questions.

Love you all,


Thank you Tim, I look forward to finally getting coached again. See you at 8:15.
Have a great Sunday

1.) Wolf Tail
3 rounds
500m Row
17 Front Squat 165/115lb
Note: front squat should be approx 60% 1rm if scaled
**Choose 1 extra credit**
2.) 5 Push Press every 2 minutes for 10 minutes @ 55%
Note: cycling is the name-o of the game-o
3.) 10 minute EMOM
Odd: 10 Dumbbell Overhead Squat 5 each arm
Even: 10 Ring Dips, use high rings if able
4.) 13 min AMRAP
10 Back Extension
8 Wide Grip Strict Pull-ups
10 Reverse Hyper
Unequipped At Home
1.) 10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10
Alt. Pistol Squats (squat to chair)
Jane Fonda Side Crunches (oh, you know)

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Pauly VanderKelen
Rest Day
Recovering from the strenuous day yesterday.
Theresa Rosenquist
1/2 the CF-HQ WOD (3RFT: 12/12 TGU + 3 LLRC) w/ #20 DB - #18 KB & Mod. RC. PEC: 3x{~GHHE/GHSU/SL RDL (#18s)