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Saturday, January 21, 2023

2023 Ice Bowl

The gym is closed today to host our annual winter competition, The Ice Bowl!
Come check out one of CrossFit Green Bay’s 15 teams competing for huge cash prizes!!!
The action starts at 9am sharp and should end around 2pm!

We have an astounding 15 teams from our gym competing today!!!
Rebecca Blackout – Maria O, Molly L, Cole S, Mark G (you might recognize him because he’s been to every CF gym in Green Bay)
Will Snatch for Snacks – Jordan T, Sarah H, Travis O, Nate Z
Couple’s Therapy – Mel and Tim S, Sarah and James F (who doesn’t go here, but probably should)
Trashley 2.69 – Brian K, Daltyn L, Ashley T, Tricia H
3 Coffees & a T-Bag – Natalie B, Chris N, Carrie S, Grant S
Quad Squad – Jess P, Pete V, Devon D, Jenna D
I’m With Stupid – Pam G, Erika D, Shash K, and a friend named Kevin from somewhere else (but he should probably train at ours)

Fatal 4 Way – Mike and Emily C, Jacob and Dana A
Racks and Sacks – Derek Z, Derek L, Jamie H, Fast Ashley B
Moldy Sandbags – Kim D, Kevin H, Mike T (who is on a gym hiatus, but better return soon), Sylvia C/Seev/Steve/The Pretender/DBOTF
Will Work Out for Tacos – Eliz L, Andre S, Steve L, Kaylee M
Aggressively Average – Reese V, Sarah A, Chris and Keri D
Cold Peanut Butter – Mueller, Dinger, Mike Green (best hair in the gym), Sputnik Irina R

184 Years and Counting! – Jim M, Erin B (you said you were going to buy a punch card), Krystal and Garrett L
Sugar Daddies and Gold Diggers (eww) – Tom Fam, Ian W, Kaitlyn H, Maddie L

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Jordan Teague
Much Fitnessing
100# Hang Pwr Snatch PR.
Pauly VanderKelen
Bench Press: 10@135#, 9@165#, 8@185#, 7@205#, 6@225#, 5@245#, singles @ 265,285, and 305# / 5x5 @ 250# / 1x13 @ 165#
5x13 Strict GHD Sit-ups with 50# on my chest alternating with 5x12 Cable Fly @ 40,45,50,55,57.5# / 5x10 Strict Bar Dip alternating with 5x10 BOBBR into hips @ 225#.
Sylvia Christensen
Sandy moldbags
Theresa Rosenquist
Nice athleting y’all!!